Fall 2021 Courses
ENGL 3305 Critical Analysis of Literature
(Literary Theory)
This required course for English majors teaches students how to analyze literary texts using various methods of theoretical interpretation such as pyschoanalysis, feminist theory, queer theory, postcolonial theory, ecocriticism, critical race studies, and disability theory. Formerly taught as ENGL 2350: Introduction to Textual Interpretation at the University of Texas at Arlington.

ENGL 5305 Feminist Theory
This course will introduce graduate students to important conversations and methodologies in feminist theory as it appears in English studies. How do literary texts reflect social and cultural issues related to gender, sex, race, or sexuality, among other vectors? How do literary texts contributed to the social and cultural production of gender, sex, race, and sexuality, among other vectors? Feminist theory helps us explore answers to these questions about reading and meaning-making in literature. In this course, we will examine cultural (re)productions of texts by recursively applying a variety of theoretical lenses from feminist theory including theories about the female body, queer studies, critical race studies, and disability studies, among others, to a literary text of your choice.
Previous Courses
Graduate Courses:
• ENGL 5388: Critical Theory: Cultural Studies
• ENGL 5374: Methods of Bibliographic & Research Analysis
• ENGL 5340: Medical Fiction
• ENGL 5310: Nature and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Undergraduate Courses:
• ENGL 3359: Disability in American Literature
• ENGL 3358: Nature and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
• ENGL 3356: Emily Dickinson
• ENGL 3330: Advanced Composition
• ENGL 3306: Disability in Adolescent Literature
• ENGL 3304: Utopia in the Western World